Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My simple solution

I went through an english-muffin making winter a few years ago (English Muffins from Winter 2011), hoping to find the perfect recipe to produce all the nooks and crannies for butter and jam to sink into. I got close with Alton Brown's recipe (Alton Brown's English Muffins), but it was still no Thomas english muffin. So I was excited to stumple on Martha Stewart's multigrain english muffin recipe (Multigrain English Muffins from Martha) and set about making them immediately.

These were quite easy to make, but I made the mistake of not trusting my instincts. Mistake one. When the recipe called for one tablespoon of coarse salt, I was thinking that this seemed like a bit much, but I went ahead and added it anyway. Mistake two. After adding the buttermilk and yeast mixture, the dough seemed a little thick, and I thought about adding more milk, but I didn't because it was still slightly sticky to the touch. What I ended up with was a bit of a salty hockey puck of an english muffin. Anyway, I can't blame the recipe. It was my mistake to not follow my baking instincts., and I will try a rendition of it again, or actually I will marry Martha Stewart and Alton Brown through their recipes. Fingers crossed it will be a match.

I can only guess the way I was raised has something to do with it, but at any rate, I don't like to waste and have a hard time throwing away these perfectly good, hard, salty english muffins. So this morning I decided to try salvage these hockey pucks by making a simple syrup with a fresh peach. Super easy. I chopped the peach into big chunks. I added half a teaspoon of granulated sugar (yeah! that'll combat the salt!) and just covered the bottom of the pot with water. I let all this simmer and cook for five  or so minutes, buttered up my toasted english muffin, and slathered the peach mixture over the top. This peach concoction was really sweet and slightly syrupy and made that hockey puck quite tasty.

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