Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am THAT Christmas jerk

I put on the Christmas station the day after Thanksgiving. That's a lie. I put it on before but I hide it because my husband hates it so.

I have been thinking about my Christmas Eve menu for weeks. Also a lie. I decided in August it would be German this year. A platter of sausages, Black Forest cake, red cabbage and probably a failed attempt at spaetzle. And some vegan stuff. I've become obsessed with the idea of making vegan recipes, just because, and including them with other meaty dishes. Probably further evidence of my jerkiness as I am basically offending everyone.

The garden is not yet fully harvested (CHARD is still in the house) and Halloween parties are all this week. Despite all this I can't shake my raging desire to revel in sparkles, pine-y displays and fake angels.

So, in order to maintain harmony in my house and the appearance of sanity to the world I am going to fulfill my hearts desire to live in the Christmas spirit for, like, 1 3/4 months by calling it organization. Yessir!! I'm going to be spending my time making lists, thinking of presents, checking it twice and organizing my house so that when the festivities actually begin (November 25 with Kristkindl Market in Chi FTW!!!) I'll be locked and loaded for fun and not last minute running around.

There is of course Martha Stewart and Etsy to fulfill your decor daydreaming and money spending. I also found Organized Christmas, a site that gives you a tip each day on how to get a hold of your crazy self and prepare for what many consider an ultimately unpleasant onslaught. Yesterday's tip was to plan out your calendar now to get the lay of the land. It also urged a reminder to not overbook yourself.

You know the idea that you should "pay yourself first" (that's a Madonna quote, I am sure.)? Well, do that with time as well. Block out days with your partners or just for yourself. For example, Sundays are days I am basically busy indefinately because it is a day allocated to chillaxing with my spouse. Having had 2 such weekends consecutively I cannot advocate this idea enough. And for all his scolding on becoming "that crazy Christmas person" come holiday time I'm sure he'll appreciate my efforts.


  1. hah! I love the Organized Christmas site - although I always print their lists, and then not use them

  2. Ah, yes. Printing something is a sure fire way for me to never find or use something again. See: my sloppy recipe binder. I need a laptop that is self cleaning or repels butter, water and flour.